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Vistra Future Closures Announced

Citing challenges from federal regulations and a dysfunctional MISO market, Vistra Energy announced on September 30th their timeline for the retirement for seven coal-fired electrical generation stations in the MISO and PJM markets. As previously announced, Edwards Power Plant will close by year-end 2022. The Baldwin and Joppa power plants will close no later than year-end 2025 while Kincaid, Miami Fort, Newton, and Zimmer plants will close no later than 2027, possibly sooner if economic conditions or other circumstances dictate.

For many decades, the men and women at those plants have generated affordable and reliable electricity that powered the U.S. economy. The company stated that it will continue to work to extend the plants’ productive lifespan by keeping as many options available as possible. Vistra is still working to get the Illinois Coal to Solar and Energy Storage Act passed, which would enable it to apply for “transition” payments in order to operate the plants through 2025, in exchange for solar or storage investment at the sites. Passage of the Coal to Solar bill would help ensure that Baldwin, Joppa, and Newton remain operational through 2025.


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