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Kenneth W. Cooper

International President

Paul A. Noble

International Secretary-Treasurer

To access the IBEW Vote Score Card, which evaluates how YOUR home representatives have voted on crucial IBEW legistlation, click the link below.
IBEW Vote Scorecard 2023

To access the IBEW policy briefs, a detailed compilation of policies impacting IBEW members' work, click the link below.
Issues & Campaigns - IBEW Government Affairs


Dear Sisters and Brothers:


As we generate new digital content, the IBEW Government Affairs Department has created a GA Digital Media Toolkit to allow business managers to share it with rank-and-file members easily. This IBEW-produced material will help members feel confident they get policy-based information from a trusted source to make informed voting decisions. 


Our goal is to make these materials shareable from computers and mobile devices, allowing members to share with their own networks and distribute at their training center, local union hall, or jobsite. Please refer to the following email and/or the GA Digital Media Toolkit flyer to access them.


Government Affairs Digital Media Toolkit:

  1. Government Affairs Media Shorts (accessed at: These videos address core IBEW priorities, explain issues, the effect elected leaders have on IBEW policy, and the potential consequences if we don’t have champions in Congress: 


  1. Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage Laws (accessed at:

  2. How a Bill Becomes a Law (accessed at:

  3. Project Labor Agreements (accessed at:  


IBEW members are encouraged to share these media shorts on social media, their local union website, and other online platforms. They can also be found on the website under Stay Informed in the option “Videos” (and soon on the IBEW Gov app).


  1. IBEW Government Affairs Website (accessed at: The Government Affairs website and IBEW Gov app feature the IBEW’s legislative priorities and policy briefs, a scorecard to see how your members voted, grassroots tools, a news blog, and more. 


  1. IBEW Gov App (accessed at: The IBEW Gov app makes materials from the IBEW Government Affairs website easily accessible in mobile format. To download, please use either the QR codes or the links below:

  1. Apple users (accessed at:    

  2. Google Play store users (accessed at:  


In addition to this toolkit, these QR codes can be found on the website under Stay Informed in the option “IBEW Gov App.”

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Voter Information

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