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Security Concerns Related to Access

With the increasing violence throughout society, addressing access of ComEd sites by unauthorized parties is a top priority. Local 15 and ComEd had been discussing changes to the access process after a break-in at a Company facility just prior to the pandemic, but unfortunately those discussions slowed down when the pandemic hit. Senior Assistant Business Manager & Arbitration Coordinator Michael Freeman and Business Representatives Fabian Vela and Lisa Sims have been discussing security issues with the Company to try to make sure that protocols are in place to ensure unauthorized personnel are not allowed on the property. Many of these security issues directly involve our Clerical members, as they are often tasked with buzzing people in at doors and gates.

Some of the issues that have been reported to Local 15 include retirees being provided access to buildings without authorization, vehicles tailgating and a general lack of protocol as to what to do and who to provide access to with all the numerous deliveries, vendors and maintenance work that takes place on Company property. Additional issues include some locations buzzers for yard gates not having 2-way communication/mics to confirm who is being given access, site dock doors left open allowing building access to individuals who were granted access to the yard for a delivery as well as customers who have either made it into the building on their own or have even been escorted by other employees directly into the office. Our members have reported a lack of detailed training or an established protocol regarding access. Considering the volume of movement among the clerical group between positions, Local 15 has requested improved protocols regarding access be established and training done more frequently. To ensure the safety of all employees we requested the Company do a site-specific security audit of all locations to identify security gaps and take corrective action. We have asked the Company to make resolving these concerns a priority. Anyone who is aware of or identifies a specific safety concern regarding access is advised to notify their supervisor immediately.


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