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Nuclear Station Maintenance Lateral Transfer

With the reversal of closure for both Byron and Dresden Stations, the Company is currently hiring and plans to continue to hire to fill gaps within all of the Local 15 represented Nuclear Stations. As part of that, we have many members in maintenance roles in our Nuclear Stations that wish to transfer to another site. Maintenance is the only Nuclear Physical workgroup that has negotiated transfer language within the CBA.

Please note that nothing written in this article diminishes or changes the language discussed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The purpose of this is to remind members what needs to be done in order to be eligible for a lateral transfer within the same job classification in maintenance to a different station.

The member has to have 1 year in as an "A" maintenance technician.

The member has to have filled out a lateral transfer bid form. This has to be filled out and sent to the HR manager at the site in which the member would like to transfer from. It's recommended to send via email and save a copy of the email with the attachment included.

Both of those have to be done prior to a job posting being put out or the vacancy being declared open,

Management determines ability to release based on staffing requirements and operating conditions.

If released, the "A" maintenance technician will go to the bottom of the "A" technician list at the site he/she is transferring to and start over with a new Seniority date. If the position to be filled is at or above the "A" position, it will be filled by promotion prior to a transfer.

If the station with the vacancies has "B" technicians with three and one half years as a "B", he/she will be eligible to promote prior to an "A" from another site lateralling into the station. If the "B" has less than three and one half years as a "B", the "A" technician may lateral in ahead of the "B". A "Senior A" or "CST" at a site may not be eligible for a lateral transfer, depending on if there are A technicians at the site the " Senior A" or "CST" wishes to go to in a lateral transfer situation. For example if a "Senior A" Electrician from Quad Cities wanted to transfer to LaSalle Station, all the "A" electricians at LaSalle would have to be promoted (or offered promotion) prior to the transfer being allowed. It is very unlikely that the Company will promote all "A" electricians to " Senior A" or that all "A" electricians would turn down the pro-motion to "Senior A".

Once an employee is offered a lateral transfer and turns the transfer down, the employee will not be eligible for future consideration for transfer to the same site for at least six months.

An employee who accepts a lateral transfer will not be eligible for a subsequent lateral transfer for two years.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Nuclear Business Representatives Ben Busser or Brian Daniels.


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