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Nuclear Clerical Staffing

With the prospect of Byron and Dresden closing last year, clerical positions that became open were not posted in case the plants did close to provide opportunities for displaced clerks. Also, any nuclear clerical employees who took another position were not released to prevent reduced staffing issues. All that changed on September 15th, 2021, when Governor JB Pritzker signed Senate Bill 2408 saving Byron and Dresden and providing a vibrant future for the nuclear industry in Illinois. Subsequently, we reached out to the Company about starting the process to post the open positions as soon as possible. Byron did post for 8 open positions on the 20th of September while Dresden only posted 1 position. We have expressed the urgency to post all open clerical positions. Considering that the hiring process can take time especially if hires are needed off the street. Nuclear leadership has been slow to the process and has decided to leave it to the station’s discretion as to when to post. There has been some movement recently with the filling of the Documents Control Clerk positions at Byron and Braidwood. To make matters more difficult, nuclear employees who have not been released to their new positions are being allowed to report to their new locations. With the movement in the clerical group and stress on the remaining staff, we will continue to press the Company to post open positions as quickly as possible. Also, please be vigilant of your work being done by management and report any issues to your steward or Business Representative, Fabian Vela.


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