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Flexible Work Agreement

After several months of negotiations, Local 15 and ComEd/BSC reached an agreement on May 6th, 2022 regarding a remote work agreement for clerical employees. Rollouts of the agreement to impacted employees were held the week of May 16th, 2022 (due to the IBEW International Convention the week of May 9th, 2022). The agreement – known as the Flexible Work Agreement – provides the framework for clerical employees to work remotely (where possible), on a strictly voluntary basis, beyond the pandemic period.

Highlights of the agreement include: ensuring the Company maintain space for employees who are working remotely, in the event they choose to return to work at Company locations; creating a virtual Union board in order to provide remote employees the same access to information, such as overtime lists and agreements that employees who are working on site have; restricting Company access to employee’s home to very limited instances and requiring prior consent from the employee; maintaining access to employees who are working remotely for both Union Stewards and Representatives; language ensuring employee’s shifts, rights to overtime, vacation, etc. remain unchanged by their status (onsite vs remote); maintaining transparency regarding things like upgrading, downgrading and special assignments by requiring the Company to send daily emails regarding work assignments to the employees in each department detailing such (as well as Union Stewards) in order to ensure employees who are working remotely are not bypassed in these assignments; and a provision that addresses meals for employees who are working remotely while on overtime, which addresses contractual obligations.

Representing Local 15 at the rollouts were President and Business Manager Terry McGoldrick and Vice President/Senior Assistant Business Manager Ben Busser as well as Senior Assistant Business Manager/Arbitration Coordinator Michael Freeman and Business Representative Fabian Vela, both of whom negotiated the agreement. The agreement runs for a period of 1 year but includes a provision which states it can be extended based on mutual agreement. The intent of both parties is for the agreement to be successful and ultimately be extended.


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