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Congratulations to SSG A Tech Graduates

Grant Flodin, Eric Riordan, Raymond Szarzynski, Dagan Fishell Smith, Adam Grzych, Zach Anderson, Brian Miller

Job Duties SSG A

1. To work alone or as a member of a SSG team to plan, layout, and perform the work listed below.

2. To install URD primary termination, splices, and service connections. Live secondary work is limited to 120/240 volts.

3. To be familiar with and able to properly complete and/or modify the paperwork required in conjunction with the work performed.

4. To be familiar with and able to perform initial energizing procedures on the equipment installed by SSG. Such energizing shall be limited to elbows on dead front equipment. This excludes the installation and operation of any overhead pole material and equipment.

5. To be willing and able to train lower level employees.

6. Able to perform all duties in the System Technician B and C classifications.


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