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Unit Meetings

Central Meeting Recorder Bridget Brennan swears in new members Trimette Lindsey, Arleta Cooper and Frank Baley.

Chicago North overhead apprentice, Matthew Katchem is sworn in by Chicago Unit Chair David Heiberger

On October 11, 2023 Kincaid Unit Chair Joe Dooley swears in new member Brent Houseworth.

On October 4th the following members were sworn in at the Southern Unit Meeting: (above) Cooper Melvin, Melisa Villarreal, Habacuc Delagado Jr., Bryce Kramer, Tyler Maloy, Abraruddin Mohammed, Joe Corral, Kyle Forbes, Phil Sheedy, Caleb Gallup, Jeremy Borges, Alexander Morales, Michael Cardenas, Cleo Jamison, Jon McDermott and Rudy Riggins.


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