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Technology Changes

Did you know that Article V Section 9 of both the ComEd/BSC and Exelon Generation CBAs require the Company to discuss any technological change affecting members of the bargaining unit with the appropriate Business Representative at least sixty (60) days prior to implementation? The 2002 Feldman Arbitration Award also requires the Company to train members of the bargaining unit on new technology used to perform their work and cannot use new technology as means to move work from the bargaining unit to management.

With technology advancing as quicky as it is these days, and a general lack of knowledge on the part of management of the contractual requirements contained in the CBA, Local 15 has had numerous conversations recently with Company representatives to remind them of such obligations. The intent of the required discussions with the Union is to ensure there is dialogue between the parties about the full extent of the use and impact of the new technology. Unfortunately, the Company does not always provide notice of such changes in accordance with the contractual language. If you become aware of any new technology in your area, you should contact your Steward/Chief Steward/Business Representative immediately to ensure the Union is properly notified of such changes and has a chance to discuss the impact to our members!


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