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Substation Operator Graduates

Congratulations to (Pictured below)

Penny Minick

Stacy Bell

Patrick McBride

Jill Lynch

Nathan Wojczynski

Madeline Elenes-Medina

Substation Operator Job Spec:

Duties: Under general supervision, to perform switching, maintenance, inspection and testing work in a First Class Substation, or on Mobile Assignment in a-c network vaults, electric service stations, remote control substations and distribution centers in an area as assigned; to diagnose trouble and take appropriate action; and to perform related work as assigned.

Typical examples of the duties are:

In a First Class Substation or on Mobile Assignment:

(a) To perform switching operations involved in eliminating trouble transferring loads, removing equipment from service and placing equipment in service;

(b) To inspect such equipment as signal systems, supervisory controls, fire fighting equipment, pumps, switches, transformers, regulators and cables, checking for abnormal operating conditions, and making tests on lines and equipment;

(c) To perform such maintenance work as replacing brushes, lubricating, blowing out dust, minor painting, and cleaning; and to recommend repairs to buildings and equipment;

(d) To obtain samples of oil and other insulation materials from such equipment as transformers, regulators and disconnecting devices;

(e) To instruct and train operators assigned to assist in switching, maintenance, inspection and testing work;

(f) To replace charts, record readings of indicating devices, and to prepare charts, logs and other records as required.


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