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Steward's Schools Resume

A training class for new Union Stewards was held at the Hampton Inn in Addison, IL on October 20th, 2021. The class (which is usually held at the Local 15 office) was conducted offsite due to the number of Stewards included in the class and in order to maintain proper social distancing. This was the first training class conducted since 2019 due to the pandemic. The class included a mix of clerical, generating, and physical Stewards from various reporting locations and business units. Assistant Business Manager / Business Representative Michael Freeman and Business Representatives Ben Busser and Chris Riser taught the class, which covered topics such as Steward's roles and responsibilities, employee's Weingarten Rights, fact-finding meetings, investigating and preparing grievances, the Union's right to information, and the duty of fair representation. Also stressed was how vital a role each Steward plays in properly representing the membership, as they are generally the first Union representative involved in local issues. Business Rep Mark Shaulis instructed the class on FMLA/MBA. President Terry McGoldrick and VP Bill Phillips kicked off the day, addressed the group and brought them up to date on current and pending issues including recent legislation and the Union’s position on vaccine mandates. Local 15 would again like to thank all the Stewards that attended! Another Stewards School is scheduled for the beginning of December.


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