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Remote Work Discussions Continue

Assistant Business Manager / Business Representative Michael Freeman and Business Representative Fabian Vela have been meeting with Company representatives from ComEd and BSC about the possibility of our members continuing to work remotely beyond the pandemic period. Although the discussions are moving slowly the parties are continuing to meet. The Union has provided the Company a list of many of the issues that have come up during the pandemic period and the parties are currently reviewing and discussing those issues. As a reminder, a Covid-19 Emergency Agreement was signed by both sides at the onset of the pandemic to allow as many employees as possible to work remotely in order to reduce the risk of exposure and transmission at work. That agreement remains in effect through the Covid-19 pandemic period, but does not allow for remote work for our members once the pandemic has passed. Any remote work opportunities for members of the bargaining unit beyond the pandemic period would require an additional agreement with the Union. IBEW Local 15 has made it clear during these discussions that we are not interested in trading work for convenience as work is our member's job security! Attend your local monthly UNIT meeting for further updates on these discussions.


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