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Promotion/Lateral Process

Job postings go up on Monday morning after 10am. All Physical promotions and laterals are posted for seven days. There will be one system-wide departmental posting for all positions at various reporting locations. All potential open positions will be part of the single posting which includes First Rights Back, Laterals, Promotions. The posting will list the number of openings for the highest classification position. The next positions for lower classifications will be determined at a later date. Conference calls for the highest classifications posted will occur first and next calls will progress through lower classifications to the promotion – Selection Call. An employee must indicate their choice during a Conference Call, or by a proxy, to sup-ply a fair and efficient process, all selections are considered final at the end of each Conference Call.

Informational postings are up for ten days, these postings are for jobs that cannot be filled with members eligible for the position after it has been posted. The company will post an informational posting system wide for all Local 15 members prior to hiring from the street. Members are required to meet the minimum qualifications to accept a position.

No postings will be put up during weeks that include New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. If a holiday falls on a Monday, the posting will go up on the previous Friday. Currently there are no Clerical postings during Holiday weeks.

When filling out the bid (electronic or written) keep in mind that posting numbers must be checked that match the position being bid on by the member. Please use the bid sheet provided in the posting to ensure the correct bid sheet is being used. Promotion bids start with the letter P, lateral bids start with the letter L. Take time to verify that you have selected the correct number. Make sure you check the box that matches the position you are bidding on. We’ve had several issues with members attempting to bid on the wrong posting number and/or not checking the correct box.

It is acceptable to fill out one bid sheet for multiple postings, make sure all posting numbers and/or all boxes are checked on the bid form before sending it in. A sample posting is (below) to show what good looks like.

Members bidding on positions should check into the requirements for eligibility prior to bidding to ensure that you have all the needed requirements met. If you are on restricted duty/disability medical forms must be submitted to OHS verifying your release to full duty 14 days in advance of the selection call. For promotions submit the medical release forms to OHS prior to the selection call verifying your release to full duty within 21 days of the selection call. Other eligibility issues include CAST testing, ability to secure a CDL if needed and passing assessment schools where needed.

Clerical may require SASS testing. Clerical members that wish to lateral or demote must be in their current job classification for a minimum of 2 years.

Qualified bidders must bid on positions electronically or FAX a bid sheet in. Electronic bids can be completed by going to This link only works while on a company network. Paper copies of the bids can be Faxed to 877-364-9110 only. Bids must be received by the removal date of the posting. Make sure that you receive a confirmation number when faxing in your bid sheet. Make sure it was sent to the correct number and not just a blank document sent. If for some reason the company does not receive your fax, you will need that confirmation number or you will not be eligible for the promotion and/or the lateral call


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