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Per Diem and Commuting Allowance Increases

Updated: Apr 5

Exelon/BSC and Constellation Per Diem and Commuting allowance Increases.

Starting April 1st, 2024, per the language in the 2-25-2014 Memorandum of Agreement(s), the Per Diem and Commuting Allowances are re-evaluated every year.  The Per Diem is based on the CONUS rate for the applicable year and the Commuting Allowance is based on the consumer price index CPI-U table from December to December of the applicable year.

The Per Diem rate (Mileage > 130 round trip miles) will increase from $157 to $166 effective 4/1/24.

The Commuting Allowance increased 3.4% from December 2022 to December 2023, resulting in the new Commuting Allowance table effective 4/1/2024:

            Differential Round Trip Miles              Commuting allowance

                            1-14                                     $12.32 increased to $12.74 


                           15-49                                     $17.58 increased to $18.18

                           50-69                                     $24.62 increased to $25.46

                           70-89                                     $31.67 increased to $32.75

                          90-109                                    $38.69 increased to $40.01   


                        110-129                                    $45.72 increased to $47.27                                                            


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