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CONGRATULATIONS to the Apprentices at RTC, CTC and JTC

Overhead Electrician, Starting Second Period Job Specs

 Under the direct supervision, as member of a field crew, to perform all the duties of an Overhead Electrician, Starting, First Period, and upon satisfactory completion of prescribed examinations, to perform the less hazardous work on energized primary lines up to 15kv either from the pole or an approved aerial life device, and to perform related work as assigned.  Typical examples of the duties are:

1. To perform work on energized primay lines up to 15kv with approved protective devices, work practices, and rubber gloves, when there is no other conductor on the same arm between the pole and the conductor to be worked upon, and where special structures such as energized multi-phase buck-arm corners, capacitors, cable terminals, and transformer installations are not involved.

2. With an Overhead Electrician on the pole in an approved aerial lift device, or a crew member of higher grade or supervisor near its base, to work on any single-phase construction or multi-phase straight-line construction (which may include single-phase           transformer, capacitor, or similar equipment installations) where it is not necessary to reach over energized phase conductors to perform the task.

3. To operate a trencher as an on the job training assignment.


Nine months experience as an Overhead Electrician, Starting First Period, and satisfactory completion of prescribed examinations.


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