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Open Enrollment and Changes To Exelon Benefits - Enrollment Open from November 5 to November 18

Exelon Benefits Open Enrollment is scheduled from November 5th to November 18, 2020. The BlueCross Blue Shield Preferred Provider Organization (BCBS PPO) medical premiums increased 3.3% while the Cigna Medical HMO increased 3.6%. Note that Cigna will not be the HMO vendor next year. The Cigna PPO dental premiums increased 4.3% while the Blue Care HMO Dental premiums remained the same. The EyeMed vision premiums decreased 6.9%.


The Medical HMO vendor will change from Cigna HMO to BCBSIL EPO starting January 1st. Employees will need to check with their current provider(s) to determine if they are in the new Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois (BCBSIL EPO) that corresponds to where they live. Employees may also call BCBSIL at 800-516-1268. Remember, the EPO, similar to HMOs only covers in-network providers.

If you currently are in the Cigna HMO and are receiving care for an acute medical or behavioral condition you may be eligible to continue care with your current provider who is not in the BCBSIL network and receive in-network benefits. This would allow time to safely transfer care to an in-network physician or facility.

Exelon states the premiums in 2021 would be significantly higher if they remained in Cigna and the change will save almost $2 million per year.

Remember, which insurance plan carrier the employer chooses has never been a negotiable item. Plan carrier changes are always troubling since many times a physician or facility is no longer in network and our members are forced to find new providers.

Exelon is changing the BCBSIL Network for our members who live in Wisconsin and a number of other states not in our area. This will encompass a narrower BCBSIL network. Exelon feels the disruption will be low, still a high-quality of network providers and cost savings for employees and Exelon.

Even though we only have a small number of our members living in Wisconsin, IBEW 15 does not know the net effect of this change and have notified Exelon that if anyone is adversely affected by this change we will challenge it through the grievance procedure. Let IBEW 15 know if you are adversely affected (630-737-9996).

Starting January 1st, Exelon is requiring preauthorization for certain out-patient procedures; review the October 2020 Exelon Empowered newsletter for details.

Prescription Drug “copay cards” and coupons – The value of these cards and coupons will no longer count toward a participant’s prescription drug plan deductible (if applicable) and maximum out-of-pocket expense. You still can use the cards or coupons.

New benefits and expansion of existing benefits to encourage and enable employees to manage their health:

Consumer Medical – a new medical support program to take the place of Best Doctors

Ovia Womens’ and Family Health Benefits - provides digital tools to support employees through fertility, pregnancy and parenthood.

Expansion of Hinge Health – support managing neck and shoulder pain, in addition to back, knee and hip pain.

Diabetes Management program through OptumRx.

As in years past, you only need to take enrollment action if you are making changes to any of your benefit elections for 2021, or if you want to contribute to the health or dependent care flexible spending accounts (FSA) which must be renewed each year. You may make changes by calling myHR at 1 877-739-3566 or logging in to with your user ID and password.

All the changes will be covered in the open enrollment packets. Take the time to review your benefit elections including the confirmation statement to make sure they are accurate even without any changes.


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