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Nuclear Clerical Box Structure Reorganization Agreement

Attendees left to right:

Amber Lanning (Chief Steward-Lasalle),

Janet Gaudet (Steward-Quad CitIES),

Sherry Wolf (Chief Steward-Byron),

Cecelia Orsini (Chief Steward-Dresden)

After many delays, among them a pandemic and plant closure announcements, IBEW 15 has come to an agreement on the Nuclear Clerical Box Structure Re-Organization Agreement with the Company. The discussions with the Company did take some time but a finalized agreement was achieved. Our Stewards also gave us feedback that assisted in the development of the agreement.

A few of the items accomplished are keeping excess employees resulting from Project Legacy staffing reductions in their respective stations, re-engaging the DCC as a lead clerk as it has been in the past, and departments organized by functionality. The implementation of the agreement needs to be completed by June 1, 2021. The date was decided on to allow flexibility for the stations, which are in outages, additional time for implementation. Due to the pandemic and social distancing concerns, Terry McGoldrick and Bill Phillips, who supported the agreement, agreed to have a rollout done with our Stewards at the IBEW 15 office to maintain safety protocols. Michael Freeman, Assistant Business Manager/Clerical Business Representative and Fabian Vela, Clerical Business Representative led the rollout on February the 26th for the Stewards to communicate it to the clerks at their respective stations and prepare as stations implement the agreement. Vice-President Bill Phillips also addressed the group on the newly signed agreement and gave an update on Nuclear legislation and the positive feedback given by politicians after touring Byron and Dresden.


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