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May Unit Meetings

Thank you to the members who attended our May Unit Meetings.  

Our 8 Unit Meetings provide valuable information and opportunity for conversation regarding important topics impacting the Local 15 members.

May's meetings provided information on our recent steward school, steward training, the locating pilot, and job site security. The meetings also held open discussions on other topics affecting Local 15 and its members.

Congratulations to all the New Members sworn in at the May Unit Meetings. Thank you for attending the meeting and welcome to the IBEW Local 15 family.

Dates and times for future Unit Meetings can be found on the Local 15 website. or click the link here > IBEW Local 15 Unit Meetings

(Below) New Members Brock Barton, Mason Cave, Sam Gurham, Brandon Hudnut, Zachary Pammer, Daniel Angel, Connor Creed, Dillion Siejka, Braxton Brassard, Jack Richardson, Joshua Long, Rodolfo Ferreira, Braden Wallace, Hunter Fox, Dallas Hamilton, Fabian Perea, Colton Bollweg, Ethan Haywood, Noah Hayden, Kenneth Carroll, Justin Reed, Richard Facchina, Arnell Lewis, Thomas Carpenter and Blade Schaafsma are sworn in at the Southern Unit Meeting.

(Below) Vincent Fabbrini, Gorge Alvarez, Mary Kate Hoflender, Raul Huerta, and Nicholas Scotti are sworn in at the Northeast Unit Meeting.

(Below) New Members Keegan Hathaway, Raymond Flanagan, Thomas Molln, Sisto Andrea Perciballe, Jimmy Burke, Austia Shores, Kevin Kerner, Rebecca Luken Peach, and Logan Reed are sworn in at the Dixon Unit Meeting.

(Below) New Members Patress M., Guillermo Pulido, Kaela Enge, Emilio Nunez, Judice Smith and Justin Meroran are sworn in at the Central Unit Meeting.

(Below) IBEW Local 15 Dresden Employees Credited with Using AED to Save a Life were presented with awards from the International (IBEW) at the Southern Unit Meeting on Wednesday, May 1st.


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