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Longtime Chief Steward and Labor Advocate Dave Fabbri Retires

Dave started his career back in 1991 as a fleet garageman. In 1996 became a Fleet 'B' Mechanic and in 2002 he became an Equipment Mechanic. He has worn many hats at ComEd. He became a steward in 1996 and a chief steward 2006. Dave was instrumental with the fleet realignment in 2002 and the recent Equipment Mechanic for OHT. Dave also was a BAPP facilitator and created new training and refresher modules. He led the setup and implementation of the electronic observation form. Dave has been on the winning side of multiple grievances through the years. His dedication and devotion to his brother and sisters in Local 15 is legendary and his relentless pursuit of all things garage related will continue to serve those who will come after him for many years!


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