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Local 15 Members Hailed as Heroes

Local 15 Members hailed as heroes for saving the life of their co-worker after electrical contact.

On Saturday June 17th, 2023, two Libertyville Overhead crews were assigned an early start job in Round Lake. While performing work aloft, single phase apprentice James Clark made inadvertent contact with an energized cutout.

Crew members Bob Gaynor, Andy Kerestes, Stephen Sink, Jeff Gilstead and Cullen Ketterhagen acted quickly after realizing James was injured. Bob Gaynor assigned tasks to each crew member and called the FLS. Stephen Sink manned the lower controls on the bucket truck to bring James down. Cullen Ketterhagen called 911 and provided important information to get emergency medical personnel on the scene. Jeff Gilstead got the AED out of a crew truck and ready to be used.

Once the bucket was low enough, multiple members of the crew pulled James out of the bucket. Stephen Sink began performing chest compressions on James. The AED was then applied, after 3 rounds of shocks James began breathing on his own again. Round Lake paramedics arrived shortly after and transported James to the hospital.

On Monday, July 17th Bob, Andy, Stephen, Jeff and Cullen were recognized for their heroism by the Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District at an emotional ceremony.

Thankfully, James has made a full recovery and is doing well. We can not thank Bob, Andy, Steve, Jeff and Cullen enough for saving the life of our Local 15 brother.


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