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Local 15 Member helps injured pedestrian

On 6/08/2023 at approximately 14:30, Maywood Overhead Crew Leader Steve Volland (Pictured Below) was leaving the Maywood Headquarters to his assigned task in Berwyn. Steve exited the yard from the south gate and headed to the intersection of First Ave and I-290 when he noticed someone injured laying in the middle of the south bound lane on First Ave. He noticed cars driving around the person in the street. Steve turned on his mars lights and when the light turned green, he blocked the south bound lanes so the pedestrian would not get ran over again and called the police. While on the phone with the police, Steve put on gloves and exited his truck to render aid. When Steve exited his truck he noticed that another ComEd employee was also on the scene. Rhonda Bellavia, a Project Manager with the VO group was on the phone with police. Steve and Rhonda noticed that the pedestrian had severe injuries to her left leg and had lost most of the leg from the knee down. They both worked together to apply a tourniquet to the severed leg. Steve then placed spill pads down as a pillow to provide the pedestrian with some comfort. Steve and Rhonda both remained on the scene until the police and fire departments arrived. Steve and Rhonda’s quick actions were not only heroic, but it also prevented a casualty and allowed time for paramedics to arrive on scene to aid and assist. Steve Volland started his career with ComEd in 1999 as a Meter Reader. He became a 3 Phase lineman in 2002, an OES in 2007 and Crew Leader in 2017. Thank you Steve!


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