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Fiber Optic Cable Work

After long and involved negotiations, Local 15 and ComEd signed an agreement on October 4th that will make Fiber Optic Work an O&C component of the Overhead Department. As a part of the terms of the agreement, Local 15 secured an additional 176 members for the overhead department over the next 3 years. This agreement also acquired a portion of a 15 year $15 billion dollar project for the Local 15 membership. This work, which will ultimately be used to control the Distribution Automation and Voltage Optimization projects, is to put into service an approximate 28,000 miles of fiber optic cable. This will place ComEd and Local 15 into the position of being one of the very few electric utilities in the nation who will perform this work in house.

This agreement and project will also place ComEd in a strong position to internally control cyber security with a self-contained fiber system.

This agreement will add to the existing Fiber Optic Work previously secured in the SSC Greenfield Agreement.

Also secured was a new job title of Fiber Fuser Technician which will ultimately assume the duties of splicing new and damaged fiber optic cables that have been installed on the ComEd system. This provides a new entry level position, with very competitive wages, and progression opportunities into the Overhead, Underground, and SSC departments.


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