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Clerical Pilot Review

IBEW Local 15 Assistant Business Manager/Business Representative Michael Freeman and Business Representative Fabian Vela have been meeting with Company representatives over the past several weeks to review the clerical duties contained in the Clerical Pilot for C&M and Operations employees. This Pilot began back in 2013, as the parties agreed to review clerical duties for this workgroup across the northern region in an attempt to standardize work practices, transition additional duties to represented clerical workers and put work previously performed by clerical employees back on their desks. What started as a list of 74 identified tasks ultimately increased to 97 as new tasks were identified as the review continued from region to region over the next few years. As part of those discussions, General Clerk I (GCI) positions within the department were upgraded to Construction Order Clerk (COC) positions, as vacancies occurred. Clerical employees from these workgroups have already been contacted for their feedback on the previously identified tasks prior to these meetings commencing. Some gaps have already been identified in terms of some offices not handling work that should be assigned to clerical employees.


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