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West Virginia end Nuclear Plant Ban

On February 8th, 2022 West Virginia Governor signed a bill that removes the state's ban on nuclear power plants. West Virginia enacted a ban on nuclear power plants in 1996. Recently, there has been a shift in the state's law-maker's opinions and they were able to gain bipartisan support to remove the ban. The Senate voted 24 to 7 to pass the bill on to the house. The house voted 76 to 16 to pass it on to the Governor. There are Nuclear Power plants in 28 states. According to NEI, there are approximately 8,500 nuclear energy jobs in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, the states surrounding West Virginia.

The Governor was quoted as saying "The bill I have signed today is a positive step in modernizing our State's regulatory environment, but we must work to ensure only positive outcomes from this legislature by continually evaluating any concerns and implementing best practices in any regulation that may be required".


End to nuclear plant ban signed by West Virginia governor | AP News


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