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Virtual Site Visit for Commercial Center Clerical Employees

IBEW Local 15 Assistant Business Manager/Business Representative Michael Freeman and Business Representative Fabian Vela held their second virtual site visit with Commercial Center employees on Wednesday the 19th of May 2021. Chief Steward Lisa Sims and Steward Anthony Trentadue also participated in the call. Most Commercial Center employees were transitioned to working remotely and are the second largest group of remote workers behind the Call Center. The pandemic affected the way we socialize with our members, among them the cancellation of the monthly Unit Meetings. Although the unit meetings have slowly resumed, the virtual visit has become another way to stay in touch with our members since there is still some apprehension of gathering in crowds. The virtual site visit is crafted around an open Teams invite that was sent out to all the Commercial Center employees, allowing them to drop in and out during their breaks or lunches. At the first virtual site visit, most of the questions asked focused on the status of remote working beyond the pandemic period as well as the Exelon spinoff announcement. The concern raised centered on the splitting of the generation and the regulated transmission and distribution segments and its possible impact on our members.

These questions were raised again and we also expressed the importance of not working outside of your work hours without approval. In addition, the concern of improper use of Company equipment which has resulted in numerous disciplinary actions against employees. Local 15 is planning on holding similar type virtual visits with other work groups in the future.


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