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Virtual Clerical Union Board 

With the onset of the pandemic, the way work was done had to pivot very quickly to maintain the safety of the workforce and mitigate the exposure of Covid-19. The result was employees hurried to working remotely wherever possible dependent on work that did not require presence at the office to complete work tasks. One of the things that got impacted was communicating Union information that gets posted prominently on Local 15 Union Boards at work locations. As a result, great thought was given to how do we get information to remote workers. We believe that using technology was the best way to accomplish access to important Union information. Senior Assistant Business Manager/Arbitration Coordinator Michael Freeman and Clerical Business Representative Fabian Vela engaged the Company on the idea of having a dedicated SharePoint location that would facilitate that information for employees who were working remotely. The Company was open to the idea and agreed to assist in any IT needs to establish the site. We also enlisted Chief Steward Lisa Sims and Steward Anthony Trentadue to help in the creation of the site. The main objectives were establishing a site that was accessible to all ComEd clerical employees, maintain consistent and uniform information, as well as continue to have the physical Union boards for employees who were working on site. Through Lisa and Anthony’s hard work we believe that has been achieved. The site will have a main page with Union information such as Union postings, Unity newsletters and it also utilizes quick links to our IBEW Local 15 website. Additionally, sub-folders were created for departments to post their respective cumulative overtime and vacation lists. After the site has been used for a while we hope to use feedback to continually improve it. We are finishing discussions with the Company on getting editing rights to specifically assigned employees with the assistance from the Company’s IT department and management would only have viewing rights. After a few more tweaks and a test run, we hope to have it rolled out soon.


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