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Updated Exelon COVID Protocols and Pay Practices

Exelon is making the following changes:

1. Employees no longer need to contact Occupational Health Services (OHS) if they test positive for COVID, are symptomatic or have a close contact. However, employees are required to follow the isolation and testing guidelines, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

2. If COVID positive or symptomatic, wear a company-supplied high-quality, well-fitting mask for 10 days from COVID positive test or symptom onset when not in isolation.

Up-to-date vaccinated employees will no longer be eligible for COVID supplemental pay for COVID absences, other than as related to vaccinations/boosters. While all employees will need to use their regular sick time if they become ill with COVID, all employees will continue to be eligible for up to four hours of supplemental paid time off to get the vaccination/boosters. If an employee experiences significant side effects from the vaccination/booster and is unable to work, the employee is also eligible for eight hours of sick pay that won’t be taken out of their regular allotment.


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