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The Commercial Center is closed for Renovations

The Commercial Center in Oak Brook is home to several clerical departments. Revenue Management, Smart Meter Operations, Billing Operations, Customer Relations and Customer Care and Advocacy are all based out of the Commercial Center. The Commercial Center is undergoing a major renovation and the clerical bargaining unit staff who report there have been deemed fully remote from April 17th to early September to allow for this renovation.

Construction will be split into two phases. Phase 1 consists of renovations on the first and second floors. First floor: create additional classroom spaces for Training. Second floor: update space with new carpet, paint, ceiling tile, add collaboration spaces and implement new technology. Phase 2 includes renovations to the Annex. Once the renovation is complete, the company will be moving to a flex seating plan and employees will be sharing workstations and offices. All desks will be equipped with a Universal Desk set up (dual monitors with docking cord, keyboard, and mouse). Employees are not permitted to work at the Commercial Center during construction; however, the Annex will be open for Training. The Meter Shop will remain open as will the Mailroom. The newly renovated space is expected to be ready for employees to return to the office by early September. Most employees will work remotely during construction, however there is separate space available for employees that request an onsite work location.


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