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Temporary Return to the Office Full-Time

We know that the new Customer Care & Billing System (CC&B) replacing CIMS is coming. The scheduled launch date is set for the 3-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend of 1/15/24. The company has stated that although they are not interested in cancelling the Flexible Work Agreement, they do want workers in departments who have regular access to CIMS such as the Care Center, New Business Central, Billing and Revenue Management, in the office full time for the launch, to ensure the transition runs smoothly, to minimize impact to customers & ensure employees have support readily available. Given the significance of the transition, the company’s stance is that it will be optimal to have everyone working onsite full-time where hands-on support will be provided to ensure the transition from CIMS to CC&B is as smooth as possible. The work location change (from work-at-home to onsite) is temporary, and the Flexible Work Agreement does allow for the company to bring members back with 30 days' notice. The company has stated that they do not know exactly how long each department will work onsite. This will be driven by how well the system functions and how quickly each department is able to return to standard operating performance. Members in departments who have regular access to CIMS should start preparing to return to the office full time. Details regarding the return to office process will be shared and discussed by the individual work locations.


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