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Substation Construction Excavation and Fencing Grievance Settlement

Substation Construction Excavation and Fencing Grievance Settlement was signed on October 20th, 2022, after four months of Negotiations between Local 15 and ComEd Leadership. Initial talks began in June thanks to South Region Business Rep Mike Keating and Senior Vice-President Cheryl Maletich. Chicago Business Rep - Jim Collins, Mike Keating, and North Region Business Rep - Shawn Wachter continued negotiations over several months before finalizing the Agreement. The Agreement resolved over 130 Grievances and a settlement for the affected work group. Local 15 would like to thank our members involved in providing valuable information that assisted in the negotiation process; Phil Davis - Glenbard LCL, Timothy Mossholder - Dixon Crewleader, Daniel Bialczak - Mount Prospect CrewLeader, Dan Bladow - NHG CrewLeader, Otto Toke - Joliet Crewleader and Anthony Scumaci - Maywood CL. This Agreement secured certain Excavation work by any means (e.g., shovel, hydro-vac, air-knife, etc.) and Fencing work as an O&C status for the SSC Department.

All secured O&C work is subject to Article V, Section 7 of the CBA and the Valtin Award. (Including all applicable Meet and Discuss requirements).

Local 15 Business Reps Mike Keating, Jim Collins, Mark Shaulis, and Shawn Wachter have traveled around the ComEd territory to roll out the Agreement to all SSC employees. It is essential to explain to the members how the negotiation process went, our thought process on each section of the Agreement, and to answer any questions.


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