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Pictured (from left to right) are: Phil Calderon (Glenbard), Amber Lanning (Joliet), Elizabeth Moesch-Chiquito (Aurora), Oscar Sanchez (Chicago South), Maria Patino (Commercial Center), Donna Raschke (Rockford), Melissa Bacon (LC2), Randall Hanssen (Woodstock), Crystal Thomas (Mt Prospect), Bridget Brennan (LC2), Kathy Flynn (LC2), Lisa Sims (Commercial Center), Gladys Negron (LC2), Arturo Saldivar (Glenbard), Jennifer Randolph (Chicago North), Terry Rosas (LC2), Tim Braghini (GO), Dan Scherer (Elgin), Anthony Trentadue (Commercial Center). (Not pictured but present Sheena Williams.)

Senior Assistant Business Manager / Arbitration Coordinator Michael Freeman and Business Representative Fabian Vela held a meeting with the Commercial Clerical Stewards at the Local 15 office on April 29th, 2022. The purpose of the meeting was to bring the Stewards up to date on current clerical issues, as well as share experience and knowledge within the group. Topics discussed at the meeting included the Flexible Work Agreement, the virtual Union board progress, GSR (General Service Representative) issues, handling harassment issues, when the 90-day training and qualifying period begins and improved grievance handling. Local 15 President and Business Manager Terry McGoldrick and Vice President / Senior Assistant Business Manager Ben Busser also talked to the group about the impact of recent political activity. These meetings are part of the continuous education process of our Stewards that Local 15 remains committed to in order to better represent our members.

Pictured above are: Tyrone Hamilton (Chicago South), Andy Henderson (Rockford), Brad Kilver (Kincaid), Vern Moss lll (Commercial Center), John Osborne (Kincaid), Dan Rowe (Rockford), Patrick Runyen (Libertyville), Keith Nyderek (Byron), Emily Bridgewater (Quad), Jessica Fannin (Dresden), Crystal Thomas (Mt. Prospect), Frank Moran (Aurora), Maria Patino (Commercial Center), John Stressler (Highland Park), Pablo Parades (Libertyville), Matt Czerwinski (SSC Calumet), Leo Perez (Joliet), Carlos Gamboa, Jim Tushner (Elgin), Oscar Salinas (System Shops)

On May 19th, President Terry McGoldrick, Vice President Ben Busser, Assistant Business Manager Chris Riser and Business Representative Mark Shaulis held training at the Local 15 office in Downers Grove. The new Stewards were trained on IBEW/Local 15 History, Stewardship, Contractual Language, Duty of Fair Representation, Employee Rights, Fact Finding Meetings, Grievances and Arbitrations.


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