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Status Update on the Flexible Work Agreement

Michael Freeman, Sr. Assistant Business Manager/Clerical Business Representative and Clerical Business Representatives, Fabian Vela and Lisa Sims had a second quarterly meeting regarding the Flexible Work Agreement on November 16, 2022. By all accounts, things have been running smoothly. For the most part our members and the Company have both expressed satisfaction with the agreement, its implementation, and the performance of the remote workers. The Company has committed to recurring meetings for ongoing reinforcement of the terms of the agreement with their management teams. For instance, the Union will meet with employees who elect to participate in working remotely for no less than 30 minutes prior to an employee leaving the workplace. Also, with some offices undergoing remodeling there has been a lack of notification given to the local when a temporary change in an employee’s reporting location occurs due to construction. The Company stated they will cascade to their managers that advance notice is given in those situations. Management is also working to get designated clerks trained on how to upload the overtime & vacation lists on the Virtual Bulletin Board. We also re-affirmed that an annual canvas should be conducted as per the agreement.

The canvas is used to identify volunteers interested in working remotely and current remote workers who may want to return to work on site. Additionally, the Company noted that upcoming training for the new CC&B system will need to be on site so employees should be prepared for that when it comes around. Lastly, we have heard that some members have been making individual deals with their managers for more favorable flexible work times as well as being allowed to work remotely. Even though a department has not been designated as remote or other employees are not being offered the same opportunities, in essence circumventing the agreement. A reminder the document was created as a guideline to protect you and the work. The success and extension of this agreement is reliant on adherence by all of us.


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