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Station Visits

Terry McGoldrick, Bill Phillips, and Exelon Generation executives Dave Rhoades, Tim Hanley, Shane Marik, and Scott Humbard were at Byron Station for an all-hands meeting on April 9th and Dresden Station April 12th.

At the meetings, Terry McGoldrick discussed organized labor’s role in politics and some of the things that Senate Bill 1100 and House Bill 1472 would accomplish.

Marik discussed the difficulties with LaSalle’s outage and his hope to have repairs done and out of the outage soon. He also spoke to the staffing numbers being low and the need to hire if legislation saves Byron and Dresden.

Rhoades and Hanley spoke at both stations on the Company splitting into a generation company and a regulated utility company.

Once all were done talking, it was opened up for a question and answer session from the employees.


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