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Safety in the Holiday Season

Each year millions of Americans celebrate the holidays with loved ones. Sadly during the holiday season, many families lose loved ones to workplace fatalities each year. Many are put out of work and holiday fun by workplace injuries. That’s why workplace safety is about more than just you. It’s about being there for every letter to Santa and every candle lit. From the smallest gifts to the most priceless ones. With every family photo fail and every holiday meal fiasco. Workplace safety, much like the holidays, is about your loved ones. Please give them the gift of coming home safe for the holidays by practicing workplace safety.

As the end of the year quickly approaches, we are often preoccupied with holiday planning and work commitments. As a result, many employers see increased workplace injuries just before and after the holiday season.

Please take the extra time to be mindful and always maintain your focus on safety, especially during the holiday season.

Be mindful while working.

Eliminate as many distractions as possible:

Plan enough time to complete your tasks.

Avoid rushing.

These tips are essential when working in our industry. Some of the simplest tasks can be the most dangerous when we lose focus on the job.

Be mindful of your surroundings.

Wear the proper footwear with good traction.

Be cautious, especially on wet/snowy surfaces and stairs, and use handrails when possible.

Allow plenty of time to reach your destination.

Avoid using mobile devices while walking. Manage your stress level.

The holidays can be a stressful time. Minimize stress by:

*Reaching out for support

*Making time for yourself

* Being aware and mindful during your daily activities


*Practicing healthy eating and sleeping habits

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!


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