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Overhead Fiber Optic Recognition Breakfast

ComEd leadership held a Recognition breakfast on Thursday March 2nd to thank the Lead Crew Leaders, Crew Leaders, Lineman, apprentices, FLS’s and the REACTS Team for all their hard work on the Overhead Fiber Program. Local 15 President/Business Manager, Terry McGoldrick and Senior Assistant Business Manager, Chris Riser attended the breakfast to thank the Local 15 members for all they have done to make the Fiber Optic program a success thus far.

On October 4th, 2021, after lengthy negotiations Local 15 and ComEd signed an agreement making Fiber Optic Work an O&C component of the Overhead Department. The agreement acquired a portion of a 15 year, 15 billion dollar project for Local 15 membership. Local 15 and ComEd are one of the very few electric utilities in the nation performing this type of work in house. The Overhead Department and Substation Construction (per the Greenfield Agreement) are currently doing Fiber Optic work.

Since the signing of this agreement in late 2021, Local 15 members have installed 16 miles of fiber optics and completed 10.75 miles/20,236 hours of make ready work. In 2023, Local 15 members are on track to install about 40 miles of fiber and perform approximately 72,000 hours of the associated make ready work.

· Overhead Fiber Optic Make-Ready Work, is the work of preparing overhead poles or other overhead distribution structures for Overhead Fiber Optic Installation Work, including, but not limited to, pole, arm brace, insulator and hardware replacement, conductor adjustment, and guy and anchor work.

· Overhead Fiber Optic Installation Work, is the work of installing new fiber optic cable facilities onto overhead poles, onto utility distribution structures including over lashing of cables, or through fiber optic supply conduits and handholes that do not connect directly to conventional electric manholes, including associated hardware. Installation includes the acceptance testing or proof testing of new fiber optic cable immediately prior to and immediately after initial installation.

Thank you! - Chris Speropoulos, Matt Ferry, David Slys, Adam Faifer, Eric Demmer, Tyler Landgraf, Robert Herman, Andrew Close, Junter Brennan, Ernesto Gomez, Jared Mitchell, George Chavez, Keith Cantrell, David Riviera, Alex Maynard, Richard Kaemerer, Antonio Brennan, Tom Ramirez, Alex Lein, Forrest Brown, Tim Brown, Caden Keller, Joseph Davis, Shane Brosnan, Garrett Buege, Ryan McNicholas, Timothy Richmond, Anthony Amadio, Nick Yates, Jeremy Barnes, Dan Roesel, Philip Sheedy, Jacob Paulsen, Riely Haynes, Bob Kovas, Marcos Ruiz, Darryl Dunn, Alan Hopp, Michael Preston, John Mcdermott, Colby Fordham, Jacob Condon, Matthew Grzanich, Bryan Meier, Richard Bicek, Ryan Bopes, Adam Street, Ryan Boal, Macauley Stinson, David Yelk, Larz Gough, Theodore Slater, Charles Brandal, Richard, Hauck, James Clark, Joshua Harrison, Dan Cleven, Lay Lamonte, Alex Carpenter, Casey Schroeder, Telvin Cain, Travis Kirland and Jose Machuca.


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