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Nuclear Clerical Stewards Meeting

Updated: Apr 5

Pictured above - Robb Reynolds, LaSalle Steward; Jimmy Glidic, Dresden Steward; Krystal Glidic Chief Steward, Braidwood; Kathryn Johnson, Chief Steward, Cantera;  Sherri Wolf, Steward Byron;  Emily Bridgewater Steward, Quad Cities.

The Local 15 Clerical Nuclear Stewards in addition to 2 Physical Stewards who are assisting in stations short on stewards came into the office on Friday 1/26/2024 for a meeting.  President and Business Manager Chris Riser and Vice-President Ben Busser each addressed the group and thanked them for their ongoing dedication and service to our members and to the Local.  While the stewards were in the office, they went over issues going on in each station related to travel and outages.  Senior Assistant Business Manager Mike Freeman along with Business Representatives Fabian Vela and Lisa Sims went over concerns and issues that occur with members moving back and forth between Constellation and Exelon especially those that impact benefits.  Also reviewed were the responsibilities concerning our members and MBA, FMLA and ADA concerns and our representation for them.  We talked about the need for members to be cognizant of what they put out on Social Media and how it may be viewed by the company as there is a formal Social Media Policy in place and we have seen discipline come from what may be deemed as inappropriate posts.  The Stewards discussed and reviewed old grievances that we needed history on to determine if the grievances were still viable or were no longer sustainable and should be closed out.  Finally they were given a demonstration of the enhanced capabilities of the new Grievance Manager and its abilities to sort and run reports.  Finally we discussed the importance of identifying and mentoring future stewards. 


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