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New Overhead 3 Phase Graduates


- Ryan Gullstrand, Jacob Kobart, Eduardo Kobart, Eduardo Berreles, Jose Ortiz, Michael Dielbold, Nicholas Newman, Matthew Skobel, Joel Spangler, Fred Thompon Stinson, Dillin Weber, Alexander Wheeler, Brandon Arena, Shane Brosnan, Joseph Campagna, Anthony Coco, Dominic Dalporto, Thomas Daly, Chance Danforth, Blake Davis, Adam Faifer, Connor Gedwill, Jason Guidotti, Miguel Guzman, David Hardiman, Kenneth Hartman, Dalton Heath, Cullen Ketterhagen, Daniel Kruegel, Drew Martin, Fabian Ramos, Seth Randa, Kevin Reiss, Mario Revelo, Jose Saldana, Bryce Sesemann, Joshua Stecks, Nathan Stephens, Tobias Taylor, Michael Thielen, Shawn Tracy, Matthew Berland, Thomas Doubet, Landon Hollins, Joshua Silver, Rafael Aguayo, Ramiro Antunez Martinez and Duane Banas.

On Friday, February 2nd, 47 IBEW Local 15 Apprentices Graduated 3 Phase School at Rockford, Chicago and Joliet Training Centers. The Graduates reported to their new locations on Monday, February 5th. Overhead Electrician Job Duties -

1. To install, remove or relocate line equipment

2. To install and maintain line equipment or underground cables.

3. To work on the pole in making preparation for work operations such as installing safety equipment on conductors, hoisting and installing blocks, risers and booms, and installing temporary rigging and weather enclosures.

4. On pole installation, replacement and relocation work to perform such operations as lashing poles, temporarily guying poles, removing and installing arms and braces, transferring line and service wires, transferring transformers providing temporary supports for cables, pipes, potheads and conductors.

5. As instructed, to drive a truck or truck and trailer; to operate power take-off or trailer-mounted equipment; to control the fall line in the operation of the power device used for hoisting and lowering large or heavy equipment on poles or structures; and to operate excavating equipment.

6. To perform service restoration work such as cutting lines in the clear, removing foreign objects from lines, replacing fuses, reinstalling and connection primary, secondary and services wires, lashing, bracing or guying poles; under the direction of a man of higher grade, to perform switching operations.

7. To perform work on transmission line towers such as installing temporary staging, pulling conductors to tension, attaching lines to insulators, washing insulators, operating live-line tools, installing pole-top switches, patrolling transmission lines and visually observing for sources of trouble and performing grounding operations and, very infrequently, to perform work from suspension ladders or a boatswain’s chair.

8. Occasionally, to perform such work as installing multiconductor lead-covered cables overhead, using a trolley-chair; testing resistance of ground rods and thawing water pipes.

9. Occasionally, to clean transformer vaults by dusting, sweeping and removing accumulations of dirt.

10. As assigned, to work with an inspector, overhead, and make inspections, as instructed, of poles, hardware, arms, conductors, pothead and transformer connections and other such equipment on overhead lines.

11. Occasionally, to perform repair work on pothead equipment, such as replacing front entrance plates, and covers on four conductor, air break potheads.

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Transition Guidelines for New Overhead Electricians



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