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Loyal Lojdl Leaving

Brother Michael Lojdl has announced his retirement after thirty-nine years of service at Commonwealth Edison. Mike started work as a Garage Attendant on August 24, 1982 at Mt Prospect garage. He entered his Overhead apprenticeship in 1985 at the Northbrook Reporting Center and then worked on construction gangs and operating trucks while building and maintaining the distribution system in Northern Region

He promoted to Crew Leader on October 20, 1993 at that time one of the youngest Linemen to ever promote to Crew Leader. In February 2012 Mike was one of the first Lead Crew Leaders in the successful pilot program which led to agreements establishing the job classification system-wide in the Overhead Distribution and Substation Construction Departments; the job had previously been created in the Overhead Transmission and Underground Departments as part of separate Agreements.

Brother Mike stepped up to be a Steward in January of 1994 and became a Chief Steward January 2, 2008. He has played a key role in several pivotal Grievance resolutions and Arbitration hearings; most recently the successful settlement of hydraulic and pneumatic excavation being considered ordinary and customary work of the Overhead.

With gratitude for his dedication, the members and staff of IBEW 15 would like to thank Mike for a job well done and to wish him and his family a long and happy retirement.


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