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GSR Safety Council

Front Row: Joliet FLS - LaShawn Lao, Maywood GSR - Marsha Campbell, Glenbard GSR - Andrea Redmond, Aurora GSR - Beth Moesch, Joliet GSR & Council Secretary - Ariel Hughes, Glenbard GSR - Lynnda Hanrahan.

Back Row: Safety Council Chairman & Woodstock GSR - Randy Hanson, Rockford GSR - Donna Raschke, Libertyville GSR - Christina Reiter, University Park GSR & Council Co-Chair - Nora Cabrales, Glenbard GSR - Arturo Sandoval, Bolingbrook GSR - Sheena Williams.

Representative GSRs from across ComEd’s territories meet monthly to address safety issues and concerns. The safety council meets monthly along with managers, front line supervisors, and representatives from Local 15, BAPP, Safety, Methods, CIPS & Corporate Security. The goal is to create & nurture a culture of safety for our employees and attempt to address and eliminate existing and potential safety issues. The Safety Council provides an avenue for employees to identify & correct hazards before they can cause an injury.


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