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Electrical Workers Minority Caucus

Updated: Apr 5

The EWMC IBEW Local 15 Chapter has been reinstated by our members. The Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (EWMC) shall be composed of members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and shall adhere to the highest principles of the trade union movement.  Membership in the EWMC shall be open to all IBEW members without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion or political belief who are in good standing with their Local Union and who have satisfied the dues requirements of the EWMC.  The EWMC shall hold a national membership meeting   every year commencing in the week prior to the third Monday in January, in conjunction with the observance of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Holiday. 

Mission Statement   

Promote equal opportunity and employment for minorities at all levels of the IBEW structure.

Foster leadership development and empower minorities to become active participants and leaders in the IBEW. 

Provide assistance for discrimination complaints of minorities in the IBEW. 

Promote, support and assist the organization of minority workers in IBEW. 

Encourage minority workers to be greater activists in community and political affairs. 

If any members are interested in joining EWMC contact acting President Andrea Simmons 312 730-3410 or acting Vice President Frank Jarvis 331 339-1484.

On January 10th - 14th, 2024 the EWMC held the 34th Annual Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  The EWMC celebrated 50 years of excellence, wisdom, mentorship, and courage.  Chicago Business Representative, Bernard “BRob” Robinson, Members - Andrea Simmons, Frank Jarvis, Savoya Taylor, Kristen Martin, Markeesha Washington, Alona Taylor and Isaac Moore represented Local 15 at the event.                                                                                                                                            The conference was host to top IBEW leadership including International President, Kenneth Cooper and International Vice President, Paul Noble.  Guest speakers at the Conference gave remarks on - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, The Power of your vote, EWMC bylaws changes and chapter reports.  The Conference included workshops to test and enhance your knowledge of parliamentary procedures and IBEW’s structure, basic laws and policies, bolstering our future workforce– uplifting students and empowering marginalized communities, Increasing diversity in the electrical trade, unlocking grant opportunities.  A skill building workshop where they reflect on our ongoing experiences to win people back to the truth, civil conversations and rational fact-based dialogues, Mental Awareness, Success Signals - Effective Communication and Starting and Building a strong chapter that can last.  “Overall, the experience was enlightening for each attendee, we gathered a lot of information to build a successful chapter that involves all. Because we are all minorities in some aspect in our lives, so let’s join together, and make our union that much stronger!” - Andrea Simmons.  Members were also taken on a sponsored tour to The King Center & National Center & Human Rights Museum. 


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