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Election Underway - Election Workers Needed

Many Local Election Authorities in Illinois have started accepting applications from voters for Mail-In Ballots. Generally, the County Clerk serves as the Local Election Authority except for larger cities like Rockford and Chicago.

Due to health concerns from COVID19, election authorities are urging voters to make a plan to either vote early or to vote by mail and avoid waiting until November 3rd. Primary election turnout ranges between twenty and twenty—five percent but the Coronavirus affected the March 17th Primary with reduced turnout, closed polling places, caused shortages of Election Judges and the unfortunate spread of COVID19.

Election Authorities are also putting out calls for Election Judges who are critical to ensure voting is done properly at polling places on Election Day. Members employed by ComEd-BSC and Exelon are covered under Article VI section 15 “If a regular employee, upon notice to the Company, is absent during their basic workweek to serve as Judge or Clerk in a public election, under the jurisdiction of election officials, the employee will be paid the difference between their basic hourly rate of pay for that day and election pay, provided the former is the larger, and will retain all fees received.”

For information on early voting; vote by mail; or serving as an Election Judge, please visit the website of your local Election Authority in Illinois listed on pages 5-7. In 2016, voter turnout in Iowa was 68.6%, Wisconsin - 68.3% - Illinois - 60.1% and Indiana - 56.2% Don’t sit this one out!


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