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Customer Care and Billing

The launch of the new Customer Care and Billing System (CC&B) system currently has a go live date scheduled for Labor Day weekend. CC&B is an Oracle based system that has a different look and feel than the CIMS Windows based system ComEd is transitioning from. In preparation for the conversion Clerical BU members across the company have been trained to test the new system and are currently being utilized for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The UAT testing will focus on processes which are considered ordinary and customary (O&C) work for Local 15 departments including the Care Center, Billing Operations, Revenue Management, New Business and Field and Meter Services. As we near the launch date, training continues across the company as anyone who currently uses CIMS will also need to be trained to use the new Oracle based CC&B system. The company has planned a 3-phase approach to CC&B training. The initial phase is to Set the Foundation during which they plan to introduce users to the program. Then a secondary Make it Real phase is when users will receive detailed training on how processes will be changing, and users will begin to execute processes and transactions in the training environment. The third and final step of training will be Practice and Prepare when users will practice transactions and mock calls in the training environment to ensure they are prepared for the release. Remote workers should expect to report onsite for in person training. Each department has a different target training date for completion however, as the go live date draws closer, we expect training to ramp up to ensure that all critical users are fully trained.


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