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Congratulations! USA 1 Graduates

On Friday, March 22nd, 19 Local 15 Members Graduated from USA 1 Underground Splicing School. They reported to their new offices on Monday, March 25th to begin their apprenticeship in the Underground Department.


Underground Department

Cable Splicer, Starting

Job Spec


As a member of a field crew, to perform construction, repair, and maintenance work on de-energized underground equipment; upon satisfactory completion of prescribed examination, to perform work requiring lead wiping skills and the less hazardous work on energized equipment not exceeding 500 volts: and to perform related work as assigned. Typical examples of the duties are:

  1. To perform construction, repair, and maintenance work on de-energized underground transmission and distribution equipment, involving such work as: a. Making the less complicated cable splices, such as non-metallic jacketed secondary or primary concentric straight joints, 15 KV or less b. Making up any type of single conductor or cable termination of 15 KV or less and not involving wiping skills; c. Making up pedestal and transformer terminations; d. Installing, removing, or repairing such items as pipe bonds, risers, and "U" guards; e. Assisting cable splicers of higher grade in splicing and terminating cables above 15 KV and the more complicated splices and terminations 15 KV or less.

  2. To climb poles using pole climbers and a safety belt and to perform work on poles or platforms; to place safety equipment and warning devices; and to operate safety devices such as an explosimeter.

  3. To examine cables, joints, terminals and accessories, and to test for defects.

  4. Upon satisfactory completion of prescribed examination, to make lead cable straight joints and single conductor terminations and cable bonds, 15 KV or less, requiring lead wiping skills, and to terminate and splice energized conductors excluding those on low voltage network or ring buses and those exceeding 500 volts.

  5. To drive vehicles with or without trailers.


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