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Congratulations to the Assistant Area Operator Graduates

On November 10th Local 15 Members, (Above) Nathan Hutchinson, Emmanuel Perez, Siobhan Agrusa, Daniel Bryski, Cade Miller, Joshua Parker, Jabari Brown, Blanca Gonzalez, Jeremiah Matthews-Wilson, Pedro Miranda and Ryan Pondinas completed the 8 week school.

Assistant Operator Job Spec


Under direct supervision, in an assigned substation, to perform operations to maintain voltages at a specified level; to perform cleaning and minor maintenance work in and about the substation; and to perform related work as assigned. Typical examples of the duties are:

1. To perform switching operations as assigned such as adding or removing converting units to or from bus, opening and closing circuit breakers, feeder switching, load transferring operations, opening and closing disconnects and grounding lines and other equipment.

2. To record reading of instruments at specified intervals, noting any irregularities appearing.

3. To perform maintenance work on equipment, such as replacing brushes and maintaining proper tension on brushes on rotary converters, recharging batteries as required, minor painting or hardware and equipment.

4. To inspect condition of substation equipment, such as temperatures of equipment, operation of mechanical and electrical devices, fire fighting equipment, and control batteries; to report irregularities, and to take corrective action as required.

5. To perform cleaning work, such as mopping floors, cleaning motor housings, copper switches and similar related equipment.


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