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Congratulations to SSC B Tech Graduates

Callen Ruiz, Jarvis Ricks, Gregory DelFavero, Jowie Eskridge, Verrel Rowe, David Bell, Donald Sanders, Juan Lazarit Jr., Hunter Webb, Vito Caputo, Matthew McNair, German Campos, Zurie Clemons, Zachary Loy, Jonathon Smagacz

Job Duties SSC B

1. To assist a man of higher grade in installing, dismantling, repairing and maintaining electrical and associated equipment at generating stations, substations, distribution centers, electric service stations, and net-work vaults.

2. As directed to do bending, fitting, and installing cop-per, aluminum conductors and steel supports; cutting and threading pipe; fitting and making conductor connections; pulling and fireproofing cable; and erecting platforms, scaffolds, and barricades. To clean and blow out, lubricate, and make minor adjustments and repairs to equipment; and to operate oil-handling equipment.

3. As instructed to wire building light and power circuits, to do minor control wiring, and to operate winch and boom equipment.

4. To perform building alteration and repair work such as making concrete or other patches, drilling holes in metal, slate, or other materials, performing rough carpentry, and to do cutting and brazing work.


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