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Congratulations Tim Bills

On March 20th, the Local 15 Executive Board held their monthly meeting. With E-Board Member Russ Ruettigger retiring, his seat as the "At Large" member needed to be filled. The Executive Board received 25 applicants for the position. Thank you to every Local 15 member who applied for the position. After reviewing the applications and discussing the candidates, the E-Board voted to appoint Tim Bills as the "At Large" member of the Local 15 Executive Board.

Tim is currently a Chief Steward and Overhead Electrician Special in Crestwood. He started as a meter reader in 2013 at Chicago South. Bill became a 3 phase Overhead Lineman in April of 2017 and took the promotion to OES in March of 2021. He became a Local 15 Steward in 2014 and has been Chief Steward since 2019. Tim has attended Organizer “Boot Camp” School for Workers in Madison, Wi, he is also the Chairman for the South Region Safety Council.

Tim lives in Mokena with his wife of 9 happy years, Megan and his 3 kids, Travis - 8, Mabel - 7 and Margaret - 5.

  Tim is a Proud Local 15 Member. He is very active, helping his Union Brothers and Sisters to stay informed. Thank you for all your hard work Tim.


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