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Colectivo Coffee Successful In Organizing

Colectivo Coffee was successful voting in Union Representation. Under supervision by the federal government, mailed-in ballots resulted in a 106-99 for organizing. Brett Lyons, Business Representative for IBEW Local 1220, said Colectivo will be the largest unionized coffee chain in the nation with around 440 workers. Colectivo has a work-force consisting of café, bakery, and warehouse workers. These cafes are located in Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. IBEW Local 1220 in Downers Grove and IBEW Local 494 in Milwaukee will share representation duties. The initial vote count in April ended in a 99-99 deadlock, but the National Labor Relations Board then opted to count seven ballots that the company objected to. Those votes ultimately favored the Union. The IBEW hopes this victory leads to other organizing opportunities where employees feel they have not been heard by management. Congratulations to our Colectivo union sisters and brothers on their long fought victory!


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