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Clerical Positions Increased!

After several conversations between the parties, the Revenue Management Department leadership recently reached out to Assistant Business Manager/Clerical Business Representative Michael Freeman and Clerical Business Representative Fabian Vela about adding another higher classification in the department. The Company is looking for the position to serve as an additional lead resource for the Credit Representatives. The department currently has one Financial Statements Clerk and will now have two.

Additionally, the Mapping Department which currently has one Senior Mapping Technician (a position which the parties agreed to create back in 2014) will also be increasing the number of Senior Mapping Technicians in the department as well. That position was just recently posted. The first Senior Mapping Technician was originally created to maintain oversight and stability within the group after a period when technicians with experience and knowledge were leaving due to a high volume of movement in and out of the department. The addition turned out to be extremely successful as it required prior Mapping experience and created a lead clerk in the department.

These jobs are both “right of selection” positions, which are limited to the top five senior employees who express an interest in the position. Local 15 has been highly successful over the last decade or so in conveying the benefits and flexibility that higher classifications bring to the Company. For example, when the Clerical Pilot (which began back in 2013) helped to standardize and transition additional duties to represented clerical workers in the C & M and Operations Departments. It also helped to transition numerous GC1 positions to COC positions, as those jobs became open. The additional COC titles in the department created a more flexible workforce and was a key component to the success of the pilot.

These positions, as well as the Financial Business Analyst Clerk position in the Fleet Department added in 2020 and the Financial Statements Clerk position in the Real Estate Facilities Department added back in 2018 to name a few, continue to demonstrate the value our members knowledge brings to the workplace.


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