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Call Center CC&B Project Staffing Agreement

                After nearly a year of negotiations Senior Assistant Business Manager & Arbitration Coordinator, Michael Freeman, along with Business Representatives Fabian Vela & Lisa Sims have finalized an agreement with the company that will offer the opportunity to allow Part Time CSRs to temporarily convert to Full Time for a 6-month period to support the implementation of CC&B. The implementation of an entirely new Customer Care and Billing system hasn’t been undertaken in over 25 years.  The last time the system was changed it took many months for business to return to status quo. Knowing that there is the potential for a backlog of work in high impact areas, especially in the Care Center, the company and the union have worked together to negotiate a temporary staffing plan that allows the Part Time CSRs to temporarily convert to Full Time. This agreement will allow the company to utilize trained CSRs on hand, allow our members to work more hours, earn higher wages, receive additional benefits as well as reducing the company’s need to use outside contractors.    

  This opportunity will be voluntary and will be offered to all Part Time CSRs. The agreement will allow PT CSRs to work full-time schedules, work overtime, and receive full-time benefits on a temporary basis. For the duration of the Temporary Conversion Period, converted employees will receive an hourly pay rate equal to the pay rate designated by the current Time-Step table for regular FT CSRs with equal years of service, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Clerical Rate of Pay Guidelines.  Converted Employees will gain eligibility to select from the full complement of Full-Time benefits which the Company offers to FT employees represented by the Union. These benefits include additional selections for Medical, Dental, Vision, MBA, and Basic and additional life insurance.  Converted Employees will also be eligible for prorated vacation time and floating holidays during the Temporary Conversion Period. Converted Employees will also be eligible for meal provisions, “AIP", 401k and pension credits, as well as double-time, shift and Sunday premium and shift change compensation (where applicable), for the duration of the Temporary Conversion Period. The agreement also has the option to be extended based on mutual agreement.  

  In addition to the benefits for the Temporarily Converted CSRs we also negotiated extra guaranteed releases for FT CSRs, CC1s, Converted Employees (i.e., Temporary PT to FT) and PT CSRs (i.e., those that decide to stay PT) during 2024.  Roll out meetings will begin December 20th and continue into the New Year to ensure all Part Timer CSRs have an opportunity to ask questions and go over the agreement in more detail.    



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