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Business Representative Tom Hinspeter to Retire!

Local 15 Nuclear Business Representative Tom Hinspeter has announced his plans to retire on October 15th, 2021. Brother Hinspeter has represented Braidwood, Dresden & LaSalle Generating Stations since August of 2016. Prior to Tom being appointed as a Business Representative he worked at both Braidwood and Collins Stations.

Tom started with the Company in August of 1981 at Collins Station where he worked as a Station Laborer (for $6.78 per hour), Helper Mechanic and B Mechanic. In 1984 he transferred from Collins Station to Braidwood Station as a B Mechanic as Braidwood was under construction. He was promoted to A Mechanic and Senior A Mechanic at Braidwood Station. He was a certified welder for over 25 years as well.

Tom was a proud IBEW 1460 and 1469 member from the time he was hired until the amalgamation into IBEW Local 15 in 1994. Since then Tom has been a staple with IBEW Local 15. He was a Steward for the Mechanical Maintenance shop from January 2006 until April 2008. Tom was a Chief Steward for Braidwood Station from 2008 until 2016. He has served on the Local 15 Audit Committee and the Braidwood VPP Safety Committee. He was the Joliet Unit Meeting Chairman. Brother Hinspeter ran and was elected to 3 terms on the IBEW Local 15 Executive Board. His last term, he served as the IBEW Local 15 Executive Board Chairman.

Brother Hinspeter attended the University of Illinois and University of Wisconsin Arbitration Schools. He also attended the University of Wisconsin's Organizing Boot Camp class. Tom has attended several IBEW State Conferences in his time with Local 15.

Business Representative Hinspeter has been involved in negotiations for many Agreements and Settlements. He was involved in negotiating the Senior A Agreements for Braidwood, Dresden, LaSalle and Quad Cities Stations. These Agreements resulted in an immediate 108 promotions for our nuclear members. He was also involved in the Bellows settlement, Turbine work settlement and FLEX equipment settlement to name a few. Tom was also on the negotiating team for Effects Bargaining when Quad Cities and Clinton had announced closure and again when Byron and Dresden announced closure.

As you can see, Brother Hinspeter's career shows his continuous involvement and pledge to help the working men and women of IBEW Local 15. It's safe to say our Local Union is in a better place because of Tom Hinspeter. Altogether, he will have over 40 years of service time when he retires. It's sad to see him move on to the next chapter of his life. He will go on to enjoy working on his farm, Camping with his wife Carol and visiting his Son, Daughter-in-law and newly added granddaughter and raising his new puppy.

Tom was quoted saying “I couldn’t be prouder to say I worked Union-IBEW for 40 years. I’ve met a lot of great people along the way and it’s been an honor to represent the membership.”

Thank you Tom for all you have done for our Local! We wish you the best in retirement.


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